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Fishnet Legs

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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I feel like I should introduce myself before I jump right into posting, though I have lots of good news to share.

You may be wondering who this person Zee Kensington is. Well, to be honest, I’m still trying to figure that out myself.  I do know for certain that she is a writer who loves working in erotica and erotic romance.

I’ve been writing erotica for about twelve years, and have had a few stories published under other pen names. I spent some time writing fan-fiction, and a couple years co-writing an original m/m romance serial. So I’ve done some work here and there.

I decided to “get serious” about my erotica writing last year after I was laid off from my job. I took it as an opportunity to focus on my writing, and found myself gravitating  towards the types of stories that made me the happiest.

I brushed the dust off a story I’d been working on for a couple years, did some fine-tuning, and submitted it.  I got an acceptance email two days later. My confidence bolstered, I wrote one from scratch when I received a call for submissions by the same publisher. It’s now the title story of an ebook anthology.

I take this as a good sign. I know being a writer is as much about weathering rejection as is about putting words to paper. But, I genuinely love reading and writing erotica, and I feel like I’ve finally found the courage to pursue my passion. I’m hoping to use this blog to chronicle my new path, connect with other writers and readers, and share books I’ve fallen in love with.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (which is incredibly inspiring to my muses) with my wonderful husband. When I’m not writing or reading, you can find me crafting, gaming, and watching movies.

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