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“Kingmaker” eBook available from Xcite


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! May you spend it happily with someone you love, be it your partner, child, parent, pet, or yourself!

I’ve received a lovely valentine this year, myself.  My short story “Jumping the Gun” will be appearing in the upcoming Sex at Work print anthology from Xcite Books.

In the meantime, you can read my story — and four other sexy workplace encounters — in the Kingmaker eBook, now available on Xcite’s brand-new website. 

Here’s the synopsis for my contribution:

Jumping the Gun by Zee Kensington
It’s the sultriest night of the year, and the air conditioning is on the fritz. The only thing that can make this female tattoo artist any hotter is an after-hours job with sexy rockabilly hunk Travis.  But, is he trying to get on her good side to scam some free ink, or is he genuinely looking to make a connection? Whatever his reason, she’s still going to take what she wants, and get a hell of a lot more than overtime pay out of the deal.

A good way to warm up on a cold winter night, no?

In other publishing news, it seems that the cover for Under the Desert Sky got a bit of a revamp. I have to admit, I like this more than the other version. I’m a sucker for tattoos (if you couldn’t tell by “Jumping the Gun”), so the blondie-bear is definitely bringing a smile to my face.

Now, off to go buy some chocolate for tonight’s festivities…

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