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Sexy Time Movie Review: Weekend

Weekend poster

Title: Weekend
Year: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Genres: LGBT, Drama, Romance
Appeals to fans of: m/m romance, angst, drama, character-based stories, nontraditional endings

Summary:  Shy Russel expects Glen to be another one-night-stand when he picks him up at a gay club on a Friday night. To his surprise, the chatty artist has more to offer than just a good time in the sack, and the two begin to form a tentative relationship. Just when things are getting good, Glen confesses that he’s leaving for the United States on Monday…for two years. With less than 24 hours left, Russel and Glen must make the most of the time they have remaining, proving that even in one day, someone can change your life forever.

Weekend in bed

Impressions:  This is a beautifully crafted, subdued drama. If you’re looking for another formulaic rom-com, then you’re going to be disappointed. But, if you’re open to character-based, dialogue-driven stories that show just how deeply two people can connect in a short amount of time, then put this in your Netflix queue.

What I enjoyed the most about Weekend was how honest it felt. Russell and Glen feel like real people, complete with hopes, histories, and contradictions. Neither is a stereotype. Though both are gay, Glen is an in-your-face queer artist/activist (though without being “camp,” as they’d put it), while Russel is still quietly coming to terms with navigating his gay identity in a not-so-friendly environment.

Weekend bus ride

Weekend is like watching a continuous, 48-hour conversation, interrupted occasionally by work, friends, and sex. They talk about coming out, past one-night-stands, heteronormativity, art, work, and more, while puffing bowls, sipping drinks, and sharing lots of laughs.

As for the sex…though there’s not much, what there is is sweet and hot. You can actually watch as their changing feelings for each other are reflected in their coupling, from casual-afternoon-romp-on-the-couch to the raw intimacy of maybe-this-is-goodbye-sex.

From a technical angle, I loved how the film was shot. There’s lots of lovely urban landscapes — almost still photography — of Nottingham, giving the story a very tangible sense of place.

Weekend Nottingham at Night

One little word of warning…which I’m embarrassed to have to give. If you’re like me, and have a hard time understanding UK English, you may need to put the subtitles on. They speak very quietly and rapidly in places, and it was hard for me to follow what was going on sometimes.

Closing Impression: Watch when you have time to sit and absorb. Do not try to watch this film while doing something else. You’ll only rob yourself.

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