Recent & Upcoming Appearances

November 17: All Romance eBooks Cafe Guest Post– Writing Inspiration: Live through This

Past Appearances


August 29: Dreamspinner Press Blog Party—Photo Tour of Finally Home locations; special giveaway

August 29: MM Good Book Reviews—Review

September 1: Allison Cassatta—Author Spotlight

September 2: The Novel Approach—Interview and special giveaway

September 3: Charlie Cochet’s Purple Rose Tea House—Location, Location, Location

September 4: Cup o’ Porn—Dreaming of Travel

September 7: LIVE Facebook Chat with Dreamspinner Press

September 8: Prism Book Alliance—Taking the Plunge: Writing the First Novel

September 10: Guys Like Romance, Too—Living through History

September 12 (updated 9/11/14): Vicktor Alexander’s Purple Fantasy Den—Summer Romance: We’ll Always Have Bangkok

September 13 (updated 9/11/14): Zee Kensington (home blog)–Giveaway winner reveal


September 13-14: In person at YaoiCon, Burlingame, CA

September 17: JP Barnaby–A Feast of Words

September 22: Brynn Stein–Marco: Coming Out and Growing Up

October 2: All Romance eBooks Cafe Q&A

October 8: Grace R. Duncan–Autumn in the West, Autumn in the East

October 24: Interview at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

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